The digital conversion in Australia and New Zealand is over.  Cinema content on film is no longer made available in those regions.  Sites are either converted or installing new digital screens.  Now we are digital, we are in a new world of upgrades with new features coming out all the time. Digital Cinema is a niche IT infrastructure that needs specialised services companies to support it.

Simply purchasing a DCI certified projector and player is no longer the simple answer. Network infrastructure, network security, IT infrastructure, TMSs, LMSs, DCI-projectors, DCI-players etc, are all new areas that are becoming more important to cinemas as they slowly become more experienced in the requirements and money saving capabilities that digital brings.

Integration and automation is the next big challenge for cinemas as they continue the digital conversion.  This includes broadening the capabilities of a cinema by introducing satellite, free to air TV and cable TV as potential content sources.  With staffless projection rooms becoming the norm, only highly engineered custom solutions can bring these new opportunities to the industry cost effectively.

DCN’s strength is its unique ability to deliver these integrated solutions.  Please contact us if you would like to visit one of the numerous sites we service.