Digital Cinema Network Pty Ltd is a company set up to be a Digital Cinema Integrator.

DCN was established by the two Directors, Martin Gardiner and James Gardiner in response to the requirement of the studios for a Digital Cinema Integrator to sign the VPF agreements.  DCN was the instigator and key negotiator formulating the VPF contract that were eventually signed for the  Australian and New Zealand regions.

DCN has a support network to numerous cinemas located around Australia. We supply and consult on technical issues regarding digital cinema implementation, support and servicing.  DCN is the only Australian company that is an active member of the ISDCF (Intersociety Digital Cinema Forum) and SMPTE organisations who are shaping the future of digital cinema around the world.


Digital Cinema Network is a subsidiary of digitAll Pty Ltd

digitAll is a media technology development company with over 20 years of experience in networked digital media distribution and playback systems.  digitAll operates and maintains a digital network to its cinema installation bases in the USA, Canada, India, Nepal, UAE, New Zealand and Australia.  Cinema client’s experience online, real-time support from digitAll’s offices and/or regional support centres.