MasterImage 3D

Exhibitors have a new choice in presenting digital 3D with the arrival of the MASTERIMAGE MI-2100 3D system. Providing bright vivid 3D images with an attractive cost to own the MI-2100 is a compelling choice when planning single projector digital 3D installations.




  • High efficiency rotating circular polarizing filter provides left and right image separation and bright richly   colored 3D images.
  • Precision drive system rotates the filter at 4,320 rpm for "triple flash" 3D images.
  • Control panel for activating system functions and providing operation status updates.
  • Simple sync input from the digital projector.
  • System is compatible with all DLP cinema projectors and digital cinema servers.
  • Quality, low cost single use polarized glasses that meet Studio supply requirements.
  • No license fees or long term agreement requirements.
  • Highly competitive purchase pricing.
  • Simple to install stand alone system that is positioned, adjusted and locked in front of the projector and   lens.
  • Easily moved between digital 3D auditoriums of varying sizes.
  • Studio approved 3D image quality does not require "ghostbusting" process.



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